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This game was absolutly awesome, I don't usually leave reviews for anything but this was just special since I love this 2000s vibe, and horror games. You gotta make some more of these dude.


this is one of the itchio games of all time, i spent all of my history, english, and biology class playing this and it was worth it. cant wait to see what other games youll cook up

El juego no te mete virus'

mannn the door puzzle with the photos, I can't sm1 help me


Ooh! Look at how the stars shine, for how long and that it's 4 times, and try replicating it on the door :3 

Good luck!

whoever made this is the best cause this is eaaaaassssyyyyyyyyyyyyy as heeeelll


im stuck




amazing game! and a really good story. is the music on loseamp anywhere online? i really liked all of the songs

this is an amazing game i loved the ending it was so interesting

Muito bom, o jogo tem uma pegada mt legal eu adorei 

acho que seria legal se tivesse tradução

i've been always so charmed by 2000s internet n stuff, so this game is, like, totally a GEM 4 me!!!!!!! i highly recommend it 2 everyone, fo sure!!


The first game ive played on itch so far, It has a good story and i loved it

Bro I wasnt expecting a masterpiece like this so sad it had to end I was really invested

I played the game with my gf and we both are absolutely AMAZED by the experience! Keep up the good work! 

what the hell was this MASTER PICE??????

It isn't :)

Because it's a master piece:))

this game is amazing!! a great story and really fun to figurer out :D  you did a really good job on making this game, the people who helped and was apart of making this, you better be proud cuz this game was AMAZING!!! great work!! >:b


wow. just wow honestly

solid 10/10 i loved it 

This sent me right back in time. It honestly brought up a lot of stuff for me from my teen years of being on online chats and games. The puzzles were well done and felt balanced. Great job with this.



Someone tell me the password. 

its Scotty1992

you know about the folder?

its 7436 :D


can someone please give me the password this looks like a fun game and i want to play it

hey! the password is the first puzzle in the game to solve, all the pieces of the puzzle is on your screen. our discord also has a community written guide


its scotty1992

Sorry. I'm not trying to offend or anything but can you please stop? The owner of the game replied but didn't said the answer because probably they don't want to.

Wow dude! This was an amazing experience! Great work! 

10/10. perfect game. two thumbs up. game of year edition. -markplier

can someone give password for photos


I am in love and in awe, this is amazing

I absolutely loved this game! Such an amazing storyline and great puzzles! I absolutely love puzzle games and this is such a quality one. The horror component absolutely completes it. Pls keep it up and make similar games!

this was... amazing. I want the soundtrack

i love this game so much, i just finished it. such an unexpected ending!!




you hardIy know anthing about it

nvm i figured it out but  the locked file password I don't know what it is but love it so far


Me gustó mucho este estilo de juego.

I also made a no commentary version.

OH MY GOD THE ENDING OF THIS GAME. This whole game feels nostalgic and it's very relatable. I liked the theme of escapism, where you want to escape from reality so much that you would do anything.


If the author could create a game of survival at the end of the day


There is a Chieseperson at the bottom ofthe comment


He doesnt have Chinese foris ghis game

i love this game

Orherwise the author wiII teII us the yhe year of birth


im the author and the password is not my birth year , everything needed is in the game :)


Maybe everyone wants to know your year of birth, right

we are aII strangers Iet us know the authors year of bIrth

I dont know theauthors year of birth!!!!



I'm incredibly stupid so can somebody pls tell me what the fuck the code is?


Nevermind, i got it, it was a nice experience.

Damn. That was heartbreaking.

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