You were always a snoop, weren’t you? That’s why you bought an old computer you saw lying among piles of junk at a garage sale. You didn’t even bother to format the computer before you turned it on. You were curious. After all, a personal computer is an extension of another person’s soul, all their secrets, projects, interactions.

“last seen online” is a psychological horror escape room, based on early flash games. Look through someone's computer files. Solve puzzles and discover the secrets that lie within the computer.

Featuring an original soundtrack from Entropic Sonics!

Need help? Found a bug? Join the Discord!

If you've never played an escape room before, here are some tips:

  • You do not need to know anything outside of the game.
  • Objects or items used for one puzzle will not be reused for another puzzle.
  • Look everywhere and try everything, don't be afraid to make mistakes.
  • When in doubt, ask a friend for help!

Careful about spoilers in the comments! I appreciate the support, but I will have to delete them :(

By playing "last seen online" you are agreeing to our EULA.

Updated 11 hours ago
Release date 66 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(911 total ratings)
Authorsqwook, sochinstudio
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Three.js, Blender
Tags2D, 3D, Escape Game, Horror, Point & Click, Psychological Horror, Retro
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone

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Really phenomenal stuff, glad I allowed my brain to think and made it to the end.

esthetic game ^-^

are there any secret endings? ;3

Loved it.

I’ve been on a windows xp horror style game craze for a while, and I think this is the best one.

the gameplay is enticing. The puzzles are unique. The ending is emotional. This is the perfect example of cosmic horror. 

I’ve been wanting to make a video about this game. I can’t wait for it to be out. Great game.

oh my godddd!!! what a wonderful game! i always get SO excited to see more desktop simulator games being made, especially when they're horror!

i had a ton of fun playing this one, the puzzles were fun and engaging but not too challenging that i would get frustrated over trying to solve them. loved that! <3 a good challenge is fun too, but the difficulty felt perfect for this game.

one thing that really hit me was just how incredibly sad liz's character felt to me. just really dreadful in a way that reminded me a little of alice from the found footage film, lake mungo.
not that they were especially similar in personality or anything but because they both had this sort of inescapable, impending doom feeling to them both. the loneliness to their characters hits really hard, and it's eerie as hell.

anyways! haunted pc's are the best <3 thank you to everyone who had a part in getting this game out there! i can't wait to see what comes next from you guys!!

love this so much. the ending made me emotional ;_;

Genuinely beautiful short experience, the ending made me tear up...


i need help w/ the blessings

Bom demais, joguem.

vala baguio difícil mano, mo puzzle do caramba. adorei o jogo, mt bom parabéns aos criadores

Just played the game. It was a short experience, well worth the time. Although it was more of a puzzle game (which tbh had good, fair and innovative puzzles) than a horror one. Recommend it to other people.

i just played it and honestly, best game ive found on here. genuinely sad and scary, scary to think you might grow apart from people you love, and sad that liz didnt get to be happy, did she die? who knows

great story and gameplay!!!!!!

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Love the story! Cool game ^^

very cool game


this is amAZING!!! what an absolute treat to play through

I dont even know how i managed to pass the puzzles lmfao

i want roma piza 25 on spotufy pls

i heart escape room games


Whats the password


check liz's chatlogs and you'll find clues!


I wanna know what happened to her....

I saw you said you deleted comments about spoilers so imma make this vague.

She made the choice and now she's :(.

Why doesn't anybody know that she's in there. Even her best friend freaked out when she tried to communicate.

I'm guessing cause it's been a long time since she's communicated with her best friend (account was on/off)


really cool game :) I enjoyed playing it

i cant find the password lo

You mean the one for the pictures? You close everyhing except the music player, and then move the music player within the box on the wallpaper background. You should see a corner in the top left and bottom right, like <              >. And then just play the songs in the order the numbers point to.





this game is phenomenal


i loved this game sm, i hope theres more in the future because this was so great. And the music was so good i played it again just to listen lol 


@qwook. This game was beautiful. I am so sad. I relate to Liz so much and I don't want her story to end this way..if you ever make a sequel (please do) I will be there to play it. I have never EVER cried over a video game before. I literally made an account just to leave a comment. You and Liz are everything to me. There is snot coming out of my nose like you don't understand how much this random free game means to me—the aesthetic—the music. The colors. The story. Liz. I 10/10 would never play again because it's SO SAD. Please make more. I would send you money if I could.

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This game has become my favorite, it's just perfect


great game man gave me deppression

as sm1 who grew up in an abusive family in the early mmorpg days this is exactly how i felt

i swear i wished upon so many stars to wake up in gaia online or newgrounds with all my friends and never leave :P

i always wonder what theyre up to now 

miss you brandon 

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I got stuck on the brick puzzle for 30 minutes plz help me :(😭😭😭 (Really good game btw)

the fountain flow spells out each letter :-)

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oh :/ ty

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I pressed all the buttons and it still won't work


You gotta follow the icons on the bottom. build them from the icons below. The flow of blood will give you letters to put into the part on your right.

Can you tell me your GPU/Browser/Operating System/Device? Your screen looks really glitched. The game is not supposed to look like that.

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I'm using a chromebook cuz i have no money to buy a pc i have a phone tho. it's using ChromeOS. I'm using chrome obviously. Idk what's my GPU but i don't think chromebooks are supposed to have one. I never learned that much about computers and stuff so sorry for all the trouble

Oh ya also I found this game by Manly

I literally made an account just to review this game, it's really good and it was unsettling but in like a good way. Pleaseeeee make an ending where you can save Liz because I feel really bad for her :((

this game was so cool and i loved every piece of it !!

loved it. my heart broke for liz. the songs were awesome too, i'd love the full versions. 

Amazing I got fucking scared


This game is great! I love the whole old computer theme. Does anyone know of any similar games?? :3


i need to find the song just my luck pleese someone help me

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