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I loved every part of the game. Prolly my favorite horror game! Very well done!

I enjoyed this game! >-<

How do I download this?

It's only online, no download

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First of all, this game was amazing and also super sad but my main takeaway is the song "Roma_Pizza_25." Like, it is so fucking good. Is it on anything? Please put it on something.

i sobbed profusely

Wow! That was a great game, I'm not much of a puzzle person but boy was that fun

I absolutely loved it. I especially love all the subtle details that add so much more to the story. There are probably some that I missed even. Definitely worth a play.


top left                                          top right

this is bottom left                             bottom right

what is the order to get in D:


What's the pass in game, can't figure it out





This game is absolutely great!

Even though it's meant to be a horror game, i got an incredibly weird feeling of nostalgia (similar to what i got while playing Emily is Away). I loved every single detail in this game, and it really felt like going through an old teenager's computer.

It would be great to see a sequel in which we can help Liz go back to our world!

ദ്ദി ˉ͈̀꒳ˉ͈́ )✧ 10/10, beautiful game and super original!

This was so much fun! Amazing job to everyone involved!

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just finished the game with my girlfriend and it was such an experience, great game and good history and everything

This is probably A great game its just to hard


anyone know what your supposed to do when your at the doors wiht the 4 lion heads

middle right once, middle left 3 times, outer right 1, and outer left one, not sure tho

I'm still confused

middle right DOOR once, middle left DOOR 3 times, outer right DOOR 1, and outer left DOOR once is what they meant. ^_^


what is the order for the ritual

It's the ascending order for the numbers on img1 img2 img3 and img4. so just look at them in that order and tell orion and yeah then its easy and  SCARYY

dang your right

Guys I'm stumped, does anyone know/remember how to do the blood fountain and the bricks that say "a simulation a fever dream or both?" part? I need help :<


In the fountain room, below the fountain there's a clue to the combinations, and the combinations will help you find out what to click on the bricks, hope it helps :)

can ya help me with the order when Orion asks about the ritual


I really enjoyed the game. Thank you for the hard work! 

Incredible atmosphere and surprisingly fun puzzles!

I'm gonna cry. This game is so deep. Fear of being alone. I love this game. I HIGHLY recommend playing it. It's rlly sad tho <3.

Not the way i have a similar username to liz :(

are you doing okay then? TwT

i love horror games with the online aesthetic and i think you got the vibe down! great game :)


a babbling river

a pond that glooows

what is the password for tthe zip file and the login to otherworld oml

its 7436 :) (i thinkkk

thx :D


I LOVED THIS OMG?? made me fcking cry bru


this shit made me wanna cry fr 


Ikr. It's so deep. I love this game wow. Ima make my friends play this game on my phone the next time we have a sleepoverr cuz omg wow. 

Make a sequenceMake a sequenceMake a sequenceMake a sequenceMake a sequenceMake a sequenceMake a sequenceMake a sequenceMake a sequence

You mean sequel?

Make a sequence

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AMAZING game!! im literally obsessed, still thinking about it days later


i really need the songs of 'LoseAmp Player' on the spotify






i fucking love thissss <3


is there a full version of the 11_jdemo song? really like the vibe


probably one of the best games i've played lol

I loved this so much

Foda, muito foda.

Vc tbm e brasileiro?

é perfeito


SO amazing. it was a little tricky, but I want more games like this. It created empathy, an understanding. We need more games like this, it brought me to the edge of tears

I agree


this game was literally so frickin' amazing, it hit all the sweet spots and this is one of the best games I've ever played, the ending made me cry and keep up the great work <33

this is the best game ever!!!, we need more games like this it was literally perfect

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