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virus bekommen


Ah so good, so very good. Loved it from start to finish. Made me nostalgic about time I didn't know I missed. 

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I absolutely loved this game from start to finish. The graphics, the music, the puzzle solving, rlly good. The ending felt really personal, I hope u make more games qwook. 10/10


is the "Other Wold" game perhaps inspired by real online game "ourWorld"? i used to play it all the time when i was little up until it got deleted. alonegurl's character kind of reminded me of the characters we had in ourworld. id really like to know, if im right it makes this game 100 times more meaningful for me. i loved this game and i cant wait for more releases <3


I Luv this Game it Almost Made me Cry I wont lie, It hits hard, nd I also kind of relate When one of ur friends say seeya/goodbye, then never see u again


ending made me misty eyed ngl, great short gam


This was amazing and really immersive!! Only problem is that it's too short *sob* I'd looove to see a longer game with this kind of style in the future! <3

you should totally play hypnospace outlaw

this game definitely nailed the old computer era and great story

Man, this game is so amazing. I like the idea

bruh this game was absolutely incredible, im so down to play it again or watch friends play it. it was so good, thank you so much!!!! <3

absolutely LOVE this game will 4 sure play again

Very very love this game ,it not only tells a moving story but also gives me mixed feelings.and i love the songs in it,especially hindsight!

you guys should finish the roma_pizza song, I beg😔

love the game ! the style is really good 


 I absolutely love games with this style. short but immersive. had me hooked the whole time. seriously dont know how you managed to create a game so unneerving but comforting at the same time. 10/10 would mf recommend!!!

When I say that you just made a roman empire- I will think about this game as much as I think about the other games that are similiar to this.

You did an amazing job, at both scaring me (which is easy to do) but also creating a story that honestly..really comforts me. Because I know how it feels.

Good job.

fun, pretty simple and unnerving, great job id love to see more games from you in the future (slight spoiler but i love how the LostAmp player was burnt into the screen also is the redherring file as a yume nikki ref?)

"I'm scared of forever"
OOOOH MY GOD OH MY GOD oh my god im so normal IM SO NORMAL ABOUT THIS GAME this broke my heart. Liz's story and monolouge at the end genuinely ruined me and I can't stop thinking about it. Such a fun game with such a tragic story and ending. Short and sweet, and I actually had fun with the puzzles!!


CRYING MY EYES OUT OMG wonderful game ive never seen anything like it

crying my eyes out cuz of this game, it hit DEEP man

Just finished it, I really, really liked it. I think I took everything in a more mental sense (trying to speak without giving anything away) if you know what I mean. I actually choked up a bit. Its an amazing game :D

wahhh i love this gameee 

What's the song name for number 6? I absolutely adored it PLEEEEEASE

this game was so good, i'd like to see more of this puzzle/horror game


the ost hits so hard for a puzzle game bro



like how??? T-T

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(from left to right) you put a picture of em, lawson, and then liz


Congrats with the game! That was a great experience.


how I do even restart the game? I wanted to show my husband this wonderful game because he coming over, instead I wanna show him on call. then I’m trying to find a way to restart the game I don’t even if I can lol. if the creator the game could possibly reach out towards me and help me, it mean the world to me !! I also wanna say this game awesome, I was watching Jay kubz shout play it so I thought I should give it a shot lmao , I love details to it and how spooky and creepy it is haha ! I hope game is longer so I can play it with my husband <3


pressing "escape" brings up a menu where you can delete your save. :]

This game is one of my favorites now! I love the concept and the story. Everything in the game was so good...Love it

this game is so good!!!! makes me think about all the great old internet spaces who are empty rn. Are there also souls roaming around searching for some sign of life? 

10/10 game

Amazing game,made me and my brother stress out 


this was amazing game thanks


I love this game sm, sometimes I would play it just to listen to the sound track <3

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp what is the foutain puzzule and the blood pass wor

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"forever'' ->The symbols shows the letters! :)


hi ,, do u want to make a collaboration ??



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