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10/10 game, wondering if there will be any more parts to this game? I would love to see more content!


what should I do after I bless the 4 statues?? or which statue needs multiple blessings cs I've blessed them all multiple times and nothing happens 



this was beautiful 


I looked at the steam page, and it says the game uses AI for some images (modifying ones taken by the dev) but its not stated anywhere here, which worried me a bit. Shouldn't that be on this page too? I know steam makes people clarify if they use it or not but IDK


Hello, it's required by the Steam games submission process but not by itch. I'll be putting in a notice here later this week just for people to know before they play. I understand the feelings around AI and art these days and am sorry if this caused any trouble.


It’s okay, thank you for understanding :-) I was just worried about the lack of clarification here but I really appreciate it! 


Added the warning, right after the EULA.

wow i loved this game!! i got stuck on the knocking doors part and i had to use a guide but otherwise i really enjoyed it!

wow this game is so cool. really fun to play :D

good game

This was beautiful thank you. it was creepy, but emotional in a great way. The songs are amazing. And I love the computer UI

this game is so cool :3

this is such a great game, I wish I could forget it just to play it again from the beninging, waiting patiently for more (idk how to make a heart emoji so just imagiene some red hearts here)

This game hurt my heart and healed my mind. I love this, I hope you get everything you want <333 


everything was so perfect and entertaining I love this so much <3<3!!!!!

ok so I wanna know is the part with the statues the last part cuz it says the end on one but I feel like there's more I didn't do or find out????

How do I get past the doors? (after you enter Otherworld)

same I'm stuck and can't get past themmmmmmmm :((((

I know how You have to look at the pictures and writings of them and use the flashing for how many knocks and how to knock for example if the flash is fast that's fast knocking and you don't hold it down if the flashing stays for awhile then that's the hard knocking. I'm Stuck on the fountain part


ok I just found it out. ok so what you do is you pay attention to the flashes when you touch the pics of the ppl that died and how long they are and how many there are then just knock that many times and if it was a long flash you hold down the knocking thing and it makes a loud knock. there you go sry for this being so long T T.

It's ok! TYSM!



You need to perform 4 sequences to the doorknobs with short and long knocks

It's pretty self-explanatory if you check the frames on the right

that was... beautiful

this game was sm fun!! i'm not great at puzzles either and i def enjoyed and was able to figure it all out!! 10/10!!

great game

are there any loud jumpscares?

nah, nor are there any actual jumpscares tbh


cool, thank you!


Actually there is Liz pops out when you get to the overworld at random times 

wait really? is it chance based bc i dont recall that happening but did just see it in a playthrough






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this game gave me chills dude, you captured all the issues liz faced so well and the puzzles were so smart

How do you get past the fountain puzzle

Combinations of symbols form letters out of blood


but how

Real eerie but also so sad, so good. Also the songs are so cute

Loved this so much omg!! This was so fun and creative. Great job 

virus bekommen


Ah so good, so very good. Loved it from start to finish. Made me nostalgic about time I didn't know I missed. 

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I absolutely loved this game from start to finish. The graphics, the music, the puzzle solving, rlly good. The ending felt really personal, I hope u make more games qwook. 10/10


is the "Other Wold" game perhaps inspired by real online game "ourWorld"? i used to play it all the time when i was little up until it got deleted. alonegurl's character kind of reminded me of the characters we had in ourworld. id really like to know, if im right it makes this game 100 times more meaningful for me. i loved this game and i cant wait for more releases <3


I Luv this Game it Almost Made me Cry I wont lie, It hits hard, nd I also kind of relate When one of ur friends say seeya/goodbye, then never see u again


ending made me misty eyed ngl, great short gam


This was amazing and really immersive!! Only problem is that it's too short *sob* I'd looove to see a longer game with this kind of style in the future! <3

you should totally play hypnospace outlaw

this game definitely nailed the old computer era and great story

Man, this game is so amazing. I like the idea

bruh this game was absolutely incredible, im so down to play it again or watch friends play it. it was so good, thank you so much!!!! <3

absolutely LOVE this game will 4 sure play again

Very very love this game ,it not only tells a moving story but also gives me mixed feelings.and i love the songs in it,especially hindsight!

you guys should finish the roma_pizza song, I beg😔

love the game ! the style is really good 


 I absolutely love games with this style. short but immersive. had me hooked the whole time. seriously dont know how you managed to create a game so unneerving but comforting at the same time. 10/10 would mf recommend!!!

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