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I got SO invested in this game and the ending got me (╥﹏╥). I would recommend this to anyone who is into interface horror!

stumbled acorss this randomly with a friends. Did not disappoint, really fun and challenging, would recommend!

i loved this i have a song stuck in my head "a babbling river a pond that glows a hot spring over-over flow"


This was incredible! I loved investigating the old computer. The story is really sad, but I loved it. I'm still curious about Orion though.. (SPOILERS!!) Judging from the webcam footage we saw, and the fact that Orion could type on the Otherworld chat the same alonegurl15 did, that means he did the ritual and he was still in the game right? Then how could he talk to us, but alonegurl15 couldn't talk to lawson or anyone else?? why did she act like she was alone if he was there? Very creepy to think about. I'd love to see another installation of this concept or world!! <33


Is Orion like... the devil or baphomet or something? I was wondering this throughout!


I doubt that, at least on some level, since from the webcam, footage, we can see Orion was a real person at some point. The discheveled state of the room + the flies indicate there is probably Orian's deceased body laying around there somewhere.. I assume that after basically uploading his consciousness into the game, his real body was left to rot. Wether the person we talked to though was the /real/ Orion.. Who knows. (; 

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Long reply but... Orion kind of has an issue as a character... or not?

First, you can only guess Liz met Orion on some online chat group. The notepad diary makes it sound like Liz only knew Orion for 2 months, where Orion introduces her to OtherWorld and also Scott, before Liz did the ritual with Orion on Halloween.

When you first talk to Orion though, he talks to you like he's still alive and presumably in his 30s, so he says in your new chat that "you used to be friends as kids" when you say you can't remember who he is.

That's when he tests your knowledge of the ritual you did and then gives you a new invite to OtherWorld. Once you're in though, he types like he really thought you were Liz. 

Also I think the webcam footage would make more sense if it's a new owner (like you, RIP) who recently died from cursed PC stuff, and Orion's soul simply still has PC access unlike Liz who only has OtherWorld access. This would make sense since Orion never had that cursed text font like Liz did and can use the chat app like normal. The reason I don't think the body can be the real Orion is they did the ritual 20ish+ years ago, so his body would've been cleaned/just bones and building abandoned/cleaned/resold/destroyed by then). This could just be dev oversight in the story though. Or maybe the story takes place only a few years after the ritual but I missed a clue somewhere.

But again, Orion types in the chat app like he's a regular human and not someone who's also ritualistically digitalized himself. He's obviously in OtherWorld and can talk to Liz, yet he gives another code to Liz on the chat app acting like it is her and he believes her and hasn't talked to hear in 30 years?

I'm just gonna say Orion's lost his memories like a schizophrenic (due to soul degradation and the ritual) so he forgets Liz is in the game and fools himself to believe he's a real 30 year old that can use his PC still (since he still is). Seeing Liz pop up as online on the chat app must have made him immediately log out of Otherworld and even forget he probably just saw the real Liz there.

Had my eye on this for a while and I'm so glad I played it. It was a really well crafted story and the puzzles were so smart! I loved the first puzzle where the desktop was the solution, and using the songs over that; It was just a really well thought out and such a fun and creative way of doing puzzles! It was also interesting to see the story unfold and see what happened to everyone associated with Liz and herself too. It was super fun, and you did a great job making the game! Good luck with future projects!

i absolutely loved this game. i would love to see more games like this one :3


Thank you for this game, it was very refreshing and inspiring.


The puzzles are so creative and the story is amazing. The style of the game is so nostalgic and super cool looking. Im surprised that its free considering how good the game is. I love it sm!! I wish for there to be more games from you in the future!!


I'm in love with this game. The style of the game, the backstory and the puzzles are all so amazing. I played this game a few days ago with my friend (she also loves this game) and we had so much fun solving the puzzles together! I made an account just to review this game LOL. I definitely recommend this game! (I'm shocked it's free, I would pay 5-10$ for it!)

this was so good.. 

I'm stuck on the part that says "a simulation or a fever dream or both" 

its after the statues

see what the combinations do to the water in the fountain the fountain and look at the keyboard

what do you mean

Good game but I'm stuck on the statue part

look at the orders in their hands

Hints are in the objects they're holding, 2 of them are obvious the other 2 are a little funny but you can figure it out.




THIS WAS SO COOL!! PLEASE DO ANOTHER ONE, i enjoyed this so much. It reminds me when i was little playing a game called digital world, had the EXACT same thing on here. Please do another on!

I was so Scared.

This was very fun.

This was very motivating. :)

wow this was made very wel

this game is a master peice

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When Lawson said he was going to move on, I felt like Lizz and I was heartbroken even though that was what he was supposed to do 

I really liked your game.
The atmosphere of this game touched pieces of my soul.
In general, I play flash games quite rarely, but one wonderful day, a friend came to visit me. We decided to tickle our nerves, so we looked at an online site for horror games. There I found this wonderful game. I like that this game doesn’t frighten you too much, but rather draws you into the special atmosphere. Even I, being thousands of kilometers away from usa (i like this country lol :D), really appreciate developers from there.
I use a translator because eng is not my native language. Perhaps my comment maybe sounds too formal, I don’t know eng slangs well.

love the game, 10/10.

hope to see more from u <3


This is the best game I have ever played :0 The atmosphere, the nostalgic elements and how polished everything is astounds me. The puzzles are hard but not frustratingingly hard to the point where you want to quit, and the story is so interesting and meaningful, I can't find the words for it!!!!!

Please make more games! You have such a talent for this, and I would love to play another web game of yours.


What a great game!! Love it!!

For such a short game it has so much depth and is done exceedingly well. I love it so much! The puzzles were fun but not too challenging, and the horror element was done well. Great game!

one of my favorite short games I've ever played. 10/10. hit different remembering my own earlier too young internet experiences.

Is red herring just what it's called? Or can you do something interesting with it?

You can click something in there

Amazing game! loved the puzzles a lot, story was rlly good too!


Incredible game! I love little experiences like these! Keep it up!


PLEASSEE put the ost on soundcloud or spotify or youtube or anything 🥲🥲🙏🏽 i absolutely love the disco world song and the mp3 tracks

that's what im saying LOL


Dang, as an autistic girl. This actually made me cry, even though my social skills aren't that good. I still don't want to be alone.

☆ 10/10 Can't wait for a sequel so that we get a happy ending.

(PS. I listened to Around the Bend while playing this game. It fitted the vibe to me.)


i cant get further then logging into the computer. wut!?

join the dc for hints

i dont have dc :C

read the chat message history

I did! I can’t find anything

what u stuck on

I opened the photo map. Idk how to get into the game otherworld


Guys for the door knocking thingy you have to click the images and then there will be like a star that pops up with a noise and depending on how long it sounds is how much long you have to knock

                okay so the TOP LEFT is : (hold on the handle for a while and then release for a KNOOOOCK!) then a short knock, then a short knock, then a KNOOOOOOCK!


BOTTOM LEFT is: KNOOOOCK!, short knock, KNOOOOCK!, short knock

BOTTOM RIGHT is: short knock, KNOOOOOCK, short knock, KNOOOCK!

I hope this helps, if you need more help comment bellow this

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fot the STATUE BLESSING you have to do:

1. The GOAT is the first one, click ONCE

2. The EAGLE is the second one, click ONCE

3. The LION is the third one, click ONCE 

4. The OX is the last one, click THREE (3) TIMES


for the FOUNTAIN one you have to do:

create each symol on he fountain by pressing them it sould spell a letter, do this for each symbol. the answer should be 'FOREVER'

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How to pass the tribute stage...


WHOSE BOND DO YOU TRUST THE MOST? : Wallpapers--> me_and_best_friend.jpg








I really loved this game, the ending was sad.. I wish there was a way to set her free or have her talk to Lawson one last time. 

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I had to make an account to comment on how amazing this experience was. I was captivated from start to finish with all the puzzles being the perfect amount of difficulty, not too easy but also not banging the head against the wall hard either. the story was what ultimately drew me in though, i felt like i was playing a memory of someone else's life, reading their old chatlogs peaking into their real life reading old notes left behind it all felt very real. the presentation and puzzles are what make it most immersive though in my opinion from start to finish i felt like i was somewhere i shouldn't be. The Ending concept was peak imo the whole time i felt like i was experiencing a alternate version of Serial Experiment Lain.

10/10 Sad i cant experience it the same again. Will be checking out anything you make in the future!


i usually never play itch games and it just happened i clicked onto this and launched it (2 entire misclicks) and now i played through the whole thing
it was an amazing experience 

First 30 minutes

what do you do for the lion heads



what is the password

I'm not sure which password you're talking about, but there are walkthroughs you can watch to help you figure it out- both videos and readable ones! :)


i loved this game. good story and good gameplay,really sad and thats a rarity.

lion heads? what do i do!!!!???

this was really cool. i tend to stay away from horror games but this was so interesting that i had to check it out and i'm glad i did! 

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